Apply for Funds

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Cinematographer Steven Poster critiques student work.
  • Fill out the Variable Allocation Funding Application (pdf) and Budget Template (.docx).
  • Email these completed forms, as well as any supporting documents, to the FAAFC Chair in good time before your event and not later than one week prior to the last FAAFC meeting before your event.
  • Attend the next FAAFC meeting and pitch your idea.

If your proposal is approved:

  • Immediately - Provide the FAAFC Chair with your University or RSO’s account information for the transfer of funds.
  • Prior to the event – Submit publicity materials and press release to the FAAFC Chair. Electronic copies are preferred.
  • Within one week after event – Submit a final report, as well as photographs of the event (documentation of the event is required) to the FAAFC Chair.